03 November 2010

Raffaello Torte

November is month of Birthday Cakes in my home, as my both sons, my mother, my best friend and my mother-in-low are born in this month.
My dear friend Ann is first on the November list. I decided to make Raffaello Torte for her, because she likes coconut. Coming up in next few weeks: 'Rainbow Torte', 'Havana', 'Spanish Wind', 'Tiramisu torte'.

6 egg whites, from large eggs (or 7 small)
250 g sugar, caster
150 g coconut, dessicated
100 g flour
6 egg yolks
500 ml milk
200 g sugar
4 tbsp flour
250 g butter, soft
All ingredients should be taken out of fridge at least couple of hours before making.
Preheat oven to 160*C (150 fan forced); Prepare 2 X 22 cm cake tins, line with baking paper.
Put egg whites in a clean bowl, mix on high speed until foamy. Add sugar in a few batches, with mixer still running. You should get a thick foam. Switch mixer off, add coconut and flour on top and fold in with spatula. Spoon into prepared tins, bake 20 minutes. Take out cool on a wire rack.
While baking sponges, prepare cream.
Put 400 ml milk in a saucepan with sugar, bring to boil.
Mix egg yolks with flour and 100 ml milk into smooth mixture. Pour into boiling milk and stir all the time, until custard forms (3-5 min). Let it cool completely.
Beat butter, add custard and beat together, until incorporates into silky cream.
Spread less than half of this cream onto first layer, top with another sponge, then spread cream on top and sides. Sprinkle with coconut. Let it cool in the fridge for 1-2 hours before slicing.

In form of slices
Bake in a large rectangular tin, and spread cream on top. Decorate with coconut.

Rafaelo Torta

6 vecih bjelanaca
250 gr sitnog secera
150 gr kokosa
100 gr brasna
5 dl mlijeka
200 gr secera
6 zumanaca
4 kasike brasna
250 gr putera
Umutite bjelanca sa secerom u cvrst snijeg. Dodajte brasno i kokos i rucno sjedinite. Pecite u 2 kalupa (22cm) 20 minuta na 160*C.
Za krem, kuhajte 4 dl mlijeka sa secerom. Umutite zumanca sa brasnom i 1 dl mlijeka, uspite u kljucalo mlijeko. Mijesajte cijelo vrijeme, dok ne postane gusto kao puding. Ohladite potpuno. Umutite puter, ubacite 'puding' pa zajedno mutite dok ne postane pjenasto. Ovim filujte tortu, i premazite okolo. Pospite sa kokosom.
Prije sjecenja rashladite u frizideru.


  1. Znači, krećeš sa tortama ovog meseca:) Srećan rođendan svim slavljenicima:-) Ovo mi se jako dopada, nisam nikad pripremala ovu tortu ali deluje mi vrlo dobro! Pozdrav

  2. Odlican izbor za rodjendansko slavlje, srecan rodjendan tvojim najmilijima :)

  3. Delicious torte, thank you for sharing the recipe. Nathalie

  4. What measurements do you recommend for baking this in a circular pan, like the one pictured above?

  5. @ Dalila
    I used 22 cm baking pan (2). If you use smaller pans your torte will be taller. Good luck!

  6. Looks so yummy! I just love coconut, but have used it so far in making only Indian sweets, never a torte...But this one looks so easy...Surely will try it .Thanks for sharing.


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Ova torta izgleda mrak! Obožavam rafelo!


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