About me

I live in Australia; I was born 20 000 km away (Bosnia).
I'm mother of one adult and one teenage son.
I'm mixture of east and west, old and new.  I'm open-minded.
I like art, literature, cooking, wine, good company...
I (no longer) work, yet I am cook, cleaner, chauffeur, hairdresser, tailor, preacher, cop, teacher, servant, entertainer, nurse, critic, supporter, cheer leader, psychologist, painter, groomer,editor, decorator ...
My current love is blogging.

Zivim u Australiji, ali sam rodjena 20 000 km daleko od nje.
Majka sam jednog odraslog sina i jednog tinejdzera.
Ja sam mjesavina istoka i zapada, starog i novog. Otvorenog sam uma (i srca).
Volim umjetnost, literaturu, kuhanje, vino i dobro drustvo.
Ne radim (vise), ali sam jos uvijek kuhar, cistac, vozac, frizer, krojac, policajac, propovjednik, ucitelj, sluga, zabavljac, medicinska sestra, kriticar,  navijac, psiholog, slikar, kozmeticar, editor, dekorator...
Moja trenutna ljubav je blogiranje.


  1. Your site has the most wonderful collection of ethnic delicious home cooked food!

  2. Oh, thank you so much... I appreciate your time and effort to leave a message like this. This is why I do blogging!

  3. Postovana Jasna,

    Trenutno saradjujem na jednom dobrotvornom projektu srpske ambasade u Brazilu.Zeleli bismo da vas zamolimo za malu pomoc. Mozete li molim vas da mi ostavite svoj kontakt e-mail kako bismo mogal da vas kontaktiramo i da objasnimo o cemu se radi.




  4. Dear Jasna,

    Is there an email address where I can contact you?



  5. Dear Jasna, I came across your blog when I looked for the recipe of the most wonderful cake I ever had in my life, the "setteveli" torte. We go on holiday to Croatia every year, mostly Istria (Vrsar) or Korčula. This time, at our favourite restaurant in Vrsar, the "Srdela", my husband was served this cake as a birthday surprise. I have not tried your recipe yet, but it sounds absolutely delicious. And then I couldn't stop reading all your wonderful recipes, especially the ones from Bosnia. I just have to try them all! I live in Vienna, Austria, but I spent 12 years of my life in Sydney, from 1979 to 1990. Even though I am born in Vienna and love my home town, I still miss Australia a lot. Thank you again for your effort to share all these yummy recipes. Your blog is just great! Cheers from Vienna, Doris

    1. Dearest Doris, it's so lovely of you to have such nice words for me. I write blog for people like you. I used to live in Austria (Graz), my first son was born there..I honestly can say that most of best people I know I met in Austria
      . Thank you so much for leaving so wonderful comment. All the best in your life..hope you will visit Sydney soon again.

  6. Dear Jasna,

    Just a short note to say what a delightful recipe your Thai style trout was (from 2011!!). I've only just come across your blog. And it is fabulous. And Hurrah hurrah! For recipes for cevapi - my mum never made them, so now I have a recipe......

    I have lots of silly food stuff to witter on about, but far too long to leave here. Keep up the good work.




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