02 July 2012

Waffle, Caramel and Walnuts Slice

...or, what to make when your oven doesn't work  - like mine, (or you don't want to switch it on)

2 waffle sheets
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup water
100 g sultanas
1 butter, roughly chopped
150 g Walnuts, roughly chopped
250 g plain biscuits ('Coffee Milk', 'Petit Beure'...), crushed
Place sugar in a heavy bottomed pan. Heat on high until sugar starts melting. Shake and swirl pan, until all caramelised and golden in colour. Pour water over it (carefully) and leave on low heat to melt. Add sultanas and butter; mix well until butter melted.  Add walnuts and biscuit crumbs and mix until incorporated and thick. Place a sheet of waffle into a slice tin (large grids up). Spoon caramel mixture over it, place the other sheet (large grids down) and press with a slicing board. It's ideal to put some weight onto it (2-3 cans / packet of sugar...) and leave for 1-2 hours in a cool place. Melted chocolate can be spread on top (optional). Slice and enjoy!

* Waffle sheets are sold in international grocery stores ('Oblatne' / 'Oblande').

Oblatne sa karamel filom

...Ili - sta da cinite kad vam rerna ne radi ( kao moja)!

2 oblatne
2 solje secera
3/4 solje vode
100 gr grozdjica
1 maslac / margarin, isjecen na krupne komade
150 gr oraha, krupno sjecenih
250 gr mljevenog keksa (Petit...) 
Istopite secer do zlatno zute boje, zajilte sa vodom i ostavite da se istopi. Ubacite grozdjice i maslac, mijesajte dok se maslac ne istopi. Dodajte orahe i keks i dobro promijesajte. 
Stavite oblatnu u tepsiju sa sirim kockama prema gore. Postavite karamel punjenje na nju, zatim poklopite sa drugom oblatnom (sire kocke dole). Pritisnite daskom preko koje ste stavili neku vrstu utega (konzerve...) i ostavite 1-2 sata na hladnom mjestu. Po zelji, mozete staviti glazuru od cokolade na vrh. 
Izrezite i uzivajte!


  1. Oh MAAAN does this look decadent...! Yuuuuuuum. I can almost taste it! (The only thing I'd take out is sultanas...I love virtually all food but can't do sultanas/raisins/currants, heh heh.)

  2. Volim punjene oblatne i nisam ih dugo radila, stvarno brzo i jednostavno

  3. Jako mi se sviđaju ove oblatne, baš ću probat napravit.

  4. Obozavam ovakve oblande... To su moje omiljene! :)

  5. Skoro sam ih pravila i znam da su DIVNE!!Lep ukus karamela sa suvim grozdjem i orasima,mmmm :)))

  6. wow....jasna,......great recipe....

  7. Odlicni sastojci, volim oblatne, ali ih ne pravim cesto, bas si me super podsjetila :)

  8. hi jasna, very interesting, first time i come across plain biscuit as filling- i guess this takes away some of the sweetness of sugar..\innnovative recipe, bookmarked with thanks.
    have a nice day

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. odlične domaće napolitanke!

  11. Фантастични вафлички!
    Целувки Ясна*)

  12. this looks incredible! A really interesting dessert. Bookmarking.

  13. Nisam preveliki ljubitelj oblatni, ali ove mi tako dobro izgledaju !

  14. Muy hermoso no había visto nunca esta receta ...maravillosa,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  15. Hi there, where did you buy the wafer sheets?

  16. Hi, in Sydney you can find them at Ivan's butcheries or other European deli stores. Even some supermarkets stock them, depending on needs of local residents.

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