08 December 2010

Afghani Bread

My obsession with world breads continues! It's amazing that most of them use the same ingredients, but textures, shapes and tastes are so different.

3 cups flour (unbleached preferable)
1 1/3 cups water
1 1/5 teas salt
1 teas yeast
Nigella seeds
Put all ingredients in a bowl, and mix with a wooden spoon (until incorporated). Turn over on floured surface and cover to rest (45 minutes). Preheat oven to 200-220*C. Oil baking pan (like pizza pan) and quickly transfer dough onto it. Be careful, dough is very heavy/wet. Stretch the dough and press middle with your (oiled) fingers, or cut dough in a few places and lightly stretch (pic 2). Sprinkle with nigella seeds and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until golden.
Perfect to use with Dukkah.

Avganistanski hljeb/kruh

3 solje brasna
1,3 solje vode
1,5 kasicice sol1 kasicica suhog kvasca
Nigella sjeme (eh sad,...negdje kazu da je to crno sezamovo sjeme, Turci ga zovu crni kim, a negdje se govori o sjemenu luka (Stari Bosanski naziv 'Čukurek / Čurekot')
Umijesite tijesto od navedenih sastojaka; veoma je tesko i ljepljivo! Stavite na pobrasnjenu povrsinu i ostavite 45 minuta na toplom.
Zagrijte rernu na 200-220*C. Nauljite tepsiju i nadoslo tijesto prenesite na nju. Malo razvucite tijesto, i pritisnite na vise mijesta prstima, ili ga  nasjecite  i lagano razvucite. Pospite crnim sjemenkama i pecite 10-15 minuta. Perfektno da posluzite sa


  1. Great bread! Almost like the other breads except that there is no oil in the recipe. Thanks for sharing your finds. Cheers!

  2. jako lijepo izgleda, sigurna sam da je kruh odličan iako ne znam za nigella sjeme. Baš ću ga probati potražiti i isprobati krušćić.

  3. Hello through time. Just wanted to comment on how well the bread turned out. Although mine was a bit too crusty, and I used poppy seeds instead of Caraway, it was absolutely wonderful. I think next time I will try baking at a lower temperature to have a softer crust, so that I can soak up all the wonderful Kabuli Pallow that went with it. Thanks!

  4. @ debiant
    Thank you for trying my recipe, taking time to come back and leave comment; I really appreciate it!

  5. It's an absolutely delicious recipe. Good choice!


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