11 November 2011

Cooking-Varieties:Food and Health Benefits (Guest Post)

My guest today is Wan Maznah, blogger from Malaysia. When I discovered her blog, I was delighted to realise it's not a regular blog with written recipes. In Wans space you'll find jokes about food, educative statements about health benefits of certain food (radish for cough ), very unusual cooking techniques (cooking in salt or sand) even some rhyming recipes.
Now, that IS fun blog!

Moja gosca danas je Wan Maznah, blogerica iz Malazije. Kada sam otkrila njen blog, bila sam odusevljena cinjenicom da to nije obican blog sa napisanim receptima. Na njenom blogu cete pronaci sale o hrani (jokes about food), edukativne postove o ljekovitim svojstvima odredjenih namirnica (rotkva za kasalj -(radish for cough ), veoma neobicne tehnike kuhanja (pecenje u soli ili pijesku - (cooking in salt or sand), pa cak i nekoliko rimovanih recepata (rhyming recipes).

E, to je za mene zabavan blog!

Here is what Wan says about herself:

"I am Wan Maznah from Malaysia. I blog on foodie under the name "cooking varieties". Up keeping to the name “varieties”, my blog is acomposition of things culinary, including recipes, health benefits, food art, tips and food jokes. I have incorporated international recipes from international chefs/blogger chefs via guest posts. I would love to be a culinary artist with designer food that pleases both the palate and the eyes. Jasna did a guest post in my blog once, I find her recipes are generally very authentic and some looks gourmet too, like a platter fit for the high table- and nothing less. I feel very honored to be here in her esteemed culinary blog. Feel free to visit my site http://www.cooking-varieties.blogspot.com

I've chosen 2 posts from her blog, that I find very interesting. Have a look at tips on decorating a Swiss roll

Interesantan post o neobicnom dekoriranju rolata.

Or, how to make perfect, aromatic cup of tea using herbs from your garden:
Chamomile Cinnamon and Green Tea

Kako napraviti caj sa aromaticnim biljem iz vlastite baste

THANK you Wan for teaching me how to make Jasmine tea from my garden!


  1. Ooooh, *proud*, my fellow Malaysian :)

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  3. Hi Jasna, thank you so much- you are so adorable and i feel really honored to be mentioned here in your esteem blog.
    have a wonderful day to you and to all your visitors and friend who visited and like this post

  4. Benefits of Jasmine Tea:

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    Relieves Anxiety;
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    Reduces the Growth of Bacteria;
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    Other Benefits:

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    ♥Love from Antalya, Turkey♥


  5. Fantastic choice Jasna.I am her follower too and she does have great stuff and is overall great person:))

  6. Hi jasna,

    Thanks for featuring Cooking-varieties on your post today, her cooking tips are really great! I love this swiss roll! My kids love this much!

  7. Hi Jasna , thank you for featuring Wan. For Wan that swiss roll look so creamy and that tea sounds refreshing!

  8. Happy to discover your blog, thanks to cooking varieties.You have a very interesting collection of 'exotic' recipes, many of which are new to me. Good to know for sure.

  9. Hi Wan, nice to see you guestpost for Jasna! I remember this cake roll and I love it!

  10. Thats a wonderful sharing Jasna and you bet I simply adore the roll with the lovely green deco, all the more the drink to go with it.

  11. I too know about Wan and her blog.....you have chosen very nice recipes from her varieties...she is a wonderful person....

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  12. weeeeee..the famous swiss cake rolls of Wan..yummy yummy..deliver me one Wan..thank you Jasna for featuring Wan as your guest blogger..I'll be back here..I am now your new follower..so I'll be waiting for your recipe ok ;)

  13. Hey Jasna!
    Wan is one cool food blogger around. I'm glad you featured her for your guest post :)

  14. Hi Jasna, very interesting post. Some people live to eat,... some like me, eat to live.
    Women, like you, Wan Mazna are not only worth your weight in gold, but under different circumstances, dangerous to bachelors.
    Apart from sex, food the next weakness of a man, not necessarily that sequence. They tend to marry the cook, ha ha ha.

    There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won't, and that's a wife who can't cook and will.
    And there s nothing more spectacular or appealing on this planet than that of a beautiful wife, mother in the act of cooking for her loved ones.

    You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  15. Divno otkriće i hvala ti što si to podelila sa nama!

  16. Thanks, Jasna, for featuring Wan Maznah here. It's nice to see a fellow Malaysian given the honor. Wan Maznah's blog is superb! To Wan, congrats!

  17. Hi Jasna,
    Nice to read your blog! Wan Maznah is one of my sweetest reader & I am her reader too..coming from her space :)
    She is a very sweet lady & i always admire her cooking & specially the random important knowledge about food..
    All the best to all of you yummy people! I wish I can cook so well like you all :)
    Love from Pakistan ~

  18. nice &congrats to see Wan here in guest post and thanks toJasna for interview u so many bloggeres know about u . i also add that cooking varieties bloghas wonderful space with innovative ,informative post as she choose a fantastic post from ur blog

  19. What a great guest post and interesting guest, Jasna! I am so impressed by Wan's decorating tips, the swiss roll looks so amazing! I am heading over to Wan's blog now... Thank you for introducing her, I've enjoyed the post!

  20. Ovaj rolat skroz ludo izgleda! :)

  21. many thanks to all fellow bloggers for visiting me at Jasnaa'.
    To all my consistent followers thus far, i am so pleased that you all are now visitors and followers to Jasna's blog...rest assured you will benefit a lot here. she has so many fine cuisines to offer- a culinary expert i must say.
    have a wonderful weekend :)

  22. Hi Christy, many thanks for your visit and sweeet comments in my blog..am your ardent follower now..the noodles look sooooo delicious

  23. Hi Tanja, many thanks for your email and lovely comment, i have already published them.. will visit you soon..take care.

  24. Hi Jasna, To all your Bosnian friends and others who speak croatian??... i wish them all my special thank you for their visits and sweet comments, appreciate these very much.. you all are fantastic

  25. Hi to Debra Lynn, thank you so much for the two comments in my email. i have published them both last nite. will visit you soon, glad to know you and have a wonderful weekend.

  26. Thanks Wan Maznah for featuring this wonderful blog of special varieties.

    Jasna, u have got a wonderful space here...........happily following you.....Do visit my blog

  27. Love Wan Maznah's blog! I visit every time she posts, and I'm always so impressed! Great guest post!

  28. I will do post about MIGRAINES as soon as possible in

    Meanwhile avoid junk foods and click on to more leafy vegetable and fruits.
    Dont skip your meals
    Too much or less sleep also can be a part of migraine.
    Must avoid Certain foods, such as aged cheeses, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, some fruits (like avocado, banana, and citrus), foods with monosodium glutamate (MSG), onions, dairy products, meats containing nitrates (bacon, hot dogs, salami, cured meats) fermented or pickled foods

    And also there are many things that cause migraine.....sure i will do post it soon......

  29. Hi jasna,
    Am here from Wan's space.she is a good friend of mine in the blogging world ..both her posts are wonderful..I like her blog too!!

  30. SO happy to see Wan here! She's terrific! I love the roll she did - so creative and beautiful!

  31. Hi. I got here through Wan Maznah too! Nice to meet you!

  32. Thank you EVERYONE for your comments. Wan should consider herself lucky for having all those lovely supporters and followers (she certainly deserves it!).
    Every day I learn something new, thanks to all of you who give up your time to write and blog.
    I met many interesting people here; I'm looking forward to meet even more new people and learn new facts about food, cultures and customs.

  33. Hi Jasna! Great guest post, thank you for featuring Wan. I've bookmarked this cake roll. I am her follower and now following you too :)

  34. Thank you Jasna for your sweet comment! I am happy to see you on my blog! If you follow my blog, I will be very happy.

    Much Love from Antalya, Turkey.


  35. This is a nice post & Wan is a perfect choice for a guest blogger.& I love her swiss roll recipe,it is a piece of art...& the blog Cooking Varieties is a special blog with many valuable posts....I always like reading her posts...& now I am glad to find your blog & hope to read more good posts in future....

  36. Hi Jasna, happy sunday.. am so glad they came with great comments..
    and happy to visit you again

  37. Wan is indeed a fantastic cook, her methods simple yet unforgettable!

    Years ago when I was in Kuala Lumpur, used to have lunch and dinners in her home, (I am a lousy cook so just sit, watch and chat chat chat as she went about cooking) and so effortless, would come up with delicious dishes!

  38. thanks katrina, those were the days..you are one of my best friends, surely i cooked something ha ha ha.. thanks for dropping by at Jasna's

  39. hi jasna, that wraps up. my special thank you to you for your kind thoughts in choosing me as your featured blogger and guest.. a great honor i cherish.. all the best in your blogging and culinary endeavours :)

  40. hi jasna, great pleasure to know your blog and yes, wan has an intersting blog..besides all those jokes and food information , wan is a great cook too..i remember that swiss roll, that was beautiful!

  41. Wan is a cool blogger,great choice,love this recipe,most beautiful Swiss roll I have ever seen..Happy to find your blog..you have a wonderful blog.

  42. Super post, odličan i zanimljiv blog si nam predstavila,ovo mi se baš sviđa !

  43. Wan's blog is one of my favorites. Our family has tried many of her recipes and love them all. Her Swiss roll is one I plan on trying for the holidays. It's always nice to see her smiling face and read about the health benefits of the foods she posts about.

  44. I know Ms.Wan and love her innovative recipes...you have chosen wonderful recipes from her space, i just love the swiss roll..beautiful !!

  45. Great post, do you mind if I re-blog this (with full attribution and linking)? I really want to share it with my readers, they would find it very useful.

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  46. That swiss roll looks so nice, I also love Wan's blog, she writes with so much dedication.

  47. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Health

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